Glenn Maxwell Net Worth

Glenn Maxwell Net Worth:- Australian All-Rounder Cricketer

Glenn Maxwell an Australian cricket player is known for his powerful batting. He can also make a big impact with his bowling and fielding. When he’s in good form it is very tough to stop him, and he can change the game quickly. He is also a great bowler too and can bowl a few overs whenever needed. He is also an excellent fielder who gives his best effort in the games. He has been part of many successful moments for Australia.

Apart from the Australian cricket team, He also played in many different leagues like IPL, Big Bash and many more. Glenn Maxwell net worth increases every year due to these leagues. But in this article, we’ll focus on his lifestyle and how much money he has earned, the Total Net worth of Glenn Maxwell, IPL Salary, Cars, houses and more.

Glenn Maxwell Net Worth

Most of Glenn Maxwell’s money comes from playing cricket, advertising, endorsements, investments and properties. Glenn Maxwell’s net worth is 98 crores in Indian Rupees. Although we do not have exact figures, he earns a significant amount from brand endorsements, his IPL contract and his Cricket Australia contract.

Glenn Maxwell Salary

In 2023, Glenn Maxwell earns $250,000 as his salary. Cricketers get their salary based on the contract given by their country’s cricket board. He got a central contract for 2021-22, which also includes the T20I World Cup by Australian Cricket Board. These contracts have rankings that determine how much a player will receive. Although we don’t know his exact contract value, we can estimate it based on Cricket Australia’s numbers.

National male players typically receive at least $300,000 Australian dollars, and the average is more than $800,000 Australian dollars. Maxwell is also on the Melbourne Stars team in the Big Bash League and is believed to earn over $150,000 each season. He also receives match fees from Cricket Australia in different amounts for Test, One Day International and T20 International. For example, he gets Rs. Rs 11 lakh for test. Rs 8.5 lakh for One Day International matches. 5.6 lakh for each T20 International game. Apart from his contracts, Maxwell makes money from brand deals, endorsements and real estate investments.

Apart from this, he is also fond of luxury cars. He has Mercedes-Benz C-Class (worth Rs 80 lakh), BMW GT (worth Rs 75 lakh) and Ford Mustang (worth Rs 1 crore).

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