Who Is Lamp On Masked Singer

Who Is Lamp On Masked Singer? Reveals To Be Melissa Joan Hart

On the last Wednesday, in the event, the 90’s TV stars Melissa Joan Hart and Alicia Wiit were unmasked. In the event, Hart posed as a lamb and Alicia was Dandelion. As far as we know last week, Wiit has won the last’s week’s The Mask Singer as Dandelion, she might know but that was just a bigining of her journey. If you want to know more or confused about Who Is Lamp On Masked Singer. This post will help you a lot to understand better.

Who Is Lamp On Masked Singer

This time Masked Singer has decided to adopt the pattern of Champion of Masked Singer, in that, in each episode, celebrities will be appearing in the costumes, and people have to guess their names. After every round three finalist will be facing off in the semis. And the one celebrity have to unveild midway.

Who Is Lamp on Masked Singer?

These days a name is going viral on the Internet which is who is the lamp on masked singer. As per the report Panelist Ken Jeong was the one who guessed right that Dandelion as Witt. He had won last weeks the masked singer as Lamp.

Final Panelist Ken Jeong found himself right apart from him they were many more people who get different different names such as Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed her as Milla Jovovich and Robin Thick thought Sara Bareilles. Nicole Scherzinger went with Zooey Deschanel.

As of now there are number of websites which are publishing news about this star, he is getting viral at present. And thousands of people are searching about this through this post you will come to know who is lamp on masked singer and why many people are searching him. If you want to get more latest news on the internet then this is the best platform where you can find interesting and latest news related to celebrities, for more updates keep visiting Newsyera.com.

Now fans are more excited after Jeong is convinced that the UFO is none other than Kendall Jenner. That is why many of the netizens are twitting and sharing their views on the social media, as we can see the comments of people on the Instagram and twitter, searches are also increasing with the time, this show is being more famous these days among people.

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